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''Together with our customers and partners, we redefine the onboard energy landscape, maximize vessel efficiency and minimize environmental impact, enabling a more sustainable world.''

Sailing ahead for a better future

At Alfa Laval, sustainability is at the core of our business, serving as the guiding principle that shapes every decision we make. 

We offer solutions and services that empower our customers to decarbonize, save energy and comply with environmental regulations. Our solutions facilitate the adoption of low and zero-carbon fuels, and support the transition to carbon free technologies & smart operations.


Sustainable Solutions

We combine our expertise in separation, heat transfer, and fluid handling with the adoption of new technologies and fuels to deliver sustainable solutions in four essential domains: energy efficiency, clean energy, water management, and circularity. Our solutions help secure compliance with marine legislation and support the shift to new fuels and technologies.

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Energy efficiency

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We provide a broad range of energy-efficient marine equipment for critical operations onboard. Our energy-saving devices and digital solutions help our customers fuel-save and optimize vessel operations. Learn how Alfa Laval can support you in improving your vessel’s energy efficiency.

Clean energy

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Wondering how to meet carbon neutrality goals by 2050? Discover how to make this journey possible with our solutions supporting alternative fuels such as methanol and ammonia and green technologies such as wind propulsion, fuel cells and much more.


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Comply with the bilge water and ballast water regulations to keep sailing around the world stress-free with our water solutions. Discover how our products can support you clean the water of dirty oil and other unwanted substances before it is discharged off board. 


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Alfa Laval believes in supporting a circular economy with its operations, products and services. Learn how Alfa Laval envisions and contributes to building a circular world with its products and services.

Explore the latest


Alfa Laval technology on Maersk's pioneering methanol-fuelled container vessel

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Air lubrication system - OceanGlide to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions


Marine equipment and solutions for methanol as fuel


AQUA Blue E2- doubled efficiency fresh water generator

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Alfa Laval introduces the marine industry’s first biofuel-ready separators


Green journey towards sustainability

For a century, Alfa Laval has been known for energy efficiency, product quality, performance, and sustainability. In 2004 we introduced ‘Pure Thinking’ environmentally friendly marine products, and in 2014, we inaugurated the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre, serving as the hub for all our innovation, further driving our commitment to sustainability. Today, through partnerships and collaborations, we drive innovation for a carbon-free future. We offer diverse options to support customers on their sustainable journeys with their chosen fuel or technology.

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Collaborations fuelling our future

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Collaboration is our key to accelerating the journey towards a carbon-free future. We partner with prominent marine players to expand our sustainable portfolio and provide decarbonization solutions to our customers. Through collaborative research and joint development, we build new solutions and technologies that optimize ship operations and transform the marine energy landscape.
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Carbon neutrality by working together

Alfa Laval has long had a clear focus on reducing our carbon footprint, and it is now a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability lies at the core of Alfa Laval’s purpose and strategy, driving the company towards building responsible business practices. Explore how Alfa Laval’s sustainability strategy and initiatives contribute towards creating a more sustainable future.

Alfa Laval Sustainability