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Alfa Laval Marine Emergency Service

Having your vessel or its operations at a standstill costs money, so time is of the essence when an emergency occurs.

If it happens outside the office hours of your Alfa Laval sales company, there’s simply no time to wait. This is why Alfa Laval offers direct access to our knowledgeable international marine service team.

What we do

As a complement to your regular service channels, we provide a 24/7 phone and e-mail hotline to our international marine service team. If an emergency occurs when your local Alfa Laval sales company is out of reach, our international team can easily arrange remote trouble- shooting, technical support and field service.

Because we document your issue and ensure seamless internal handover, you never have to repeat your service request.


  • Easy international access to key service resources
  • Always a clear path of contact
  • No repeating your issue – we coordinate internally
  • Help without delay
  • Faster return to normal operation

Pls. download the leaflet with the description of the service.


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