Wytwarzanie pary i ciepła

Para i ciepło odgrywają zasadniczą rolę w wielu procesach pokładowych. Czy to poprzez użycie oleju i gazu, lub też ekonomizowanie już wytwarzanej na pokładzie energii, Alfa Laval wynajduje coraz to wydajniejsze metody generowania pary i ciepła, oraz rozprowadzania ich w najbardziej potrzebujące tego miejsca.

Steam and heat generation

A century of skill in heat supply

Alfa Laval’s Aalborg steam and heat generation solutions represent a unique body of knowledge. They stand for nearly 100 years of innovation, from energy-efficient pin-tube boiler elements to composite boilers and low-pressure thermal fluid systems. 

Even more importantly, they stand for thermal expertise. Because we understand the consumers as well as the producers of steam and heat, we can fine-tune the production for the greatest energy efficiency downstream.

Creating optimized thermal systems

Advances are still being made. For instance, the low-maintenance Aalborg boiler concept is entering a new generation. Suffixed TCi (Turbo Clean, intelligent), the self-cleaning boilers do away with water washing and the need for effluent disposal.

But the greatest advances come from linking technologies together. Our Energy Management System for thermal fluid, for example, reduces fuel use by prioritizing heat distribution according to the needs of connected consumers. And today we’re exploring not only new boiler constructions, but also new ways of combining equipment for even greater effect.