Aalborg MD

Aalborg MD to chłodnica / skraplacz pary. Aalborg MD-T to podgrzewacz wody morskiej do mycia zbiorników

 tank cleaning heater


  • Aalborg MD (formerly VESTA™ MD) dump condenser/drain cooler (seawater)
  • Aalborg MD (formerly VESTA™ MD-C) cooler
  • Aalborg MD-T (formerly VESTA™ MD-T) tank washing heater


Shells Ø168,3 mm x 600 mm. Up to Ø323,0 mm x 3000 mm as standard.

Custom sizes are available on inquiry



Condensers: 400-6,000 kg/h at 3 bar(g)/157 °C (condensate outlet 80 °C, sea water inlet 32 °C, outlet 50 °C

Lubrication oil coolers up to 1000 kW, sea-water inlet 32 °C, outlet 50 °C

Tank washing heaters up to 150 m3/h, sea-water inlet 5 °C, outlet 80 °C



Tubes in CuNi 90/10 alloy (VESTA™ MD-T in CuNi 70/30 alloy)'

Tube sheets and water boxes in AlNi-bronze

Shell in carbon steel.



  • Hot side: Steam, fresh water, thermal fluid, lubrication oil
  • Cold side: Sea-water, fresh water



  • Dump condenser/drain cooler for exhaust gas boilers
  • Cooler for lubrication oil, thermal oil or fresh water systems
  • Sea-water heater for tank washing with either steam or thermal oil heating
  • Different heat exchanging processes with sea or brackish water



Thermometers, drain and vent valve, pressure gauge, control valve, steam trap, additional sensor wells.



Can be delivered with certificate from all major classification societiess.



8-12 weeks from firm order and approved drawing.


Feautures and benefits

  • Shell & tube heat exchanger with straight tubes and externally sealed floating tube sheet (TEMA BEW-type)
  • Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible

Design data

  • Design pressure shell/tubeside: 16/16 bar(g)
  • Design temperature shell/tubeside: 204/100°C
  • Flanges: DIN 86030/JIS-16K/EN1092-1 PN16 

Zasada działania

All dimensions are a guideline only. Dimension drawing will be produced upon request.