Heating and cooling applications are experiencing a rapid transformation. Demands for greater energy efficiency, the transition to low-GWP refrigerants, and other sustainability drivers are creating all new challenges. But Alfa Laval can help. From industrial heating and cooling to commercial refrigeration and residential duties, we have experience to meet the changes impacting your operation. Join our subject experts for the first ever webinar series devoted to the latest trends – and solutions – shaping our industry. We’ll go topic-by-topic with six short talks, giving you unique knowledge on today’s biggest issues. Take part live – or watch on-demand after according to your schedule!



Upcoming webinars


Commercial refrigeration

1st of September 12.00 CEST
Join Alfa Laval’s Matteo Munari, a knowledge leader on the subject of natural refrigerants, as he explores some of the trends and challenges facing commercial refrigeration today. Matteo will discuss the growth of low-GWP refrigerants, the technical challenges that have accompanied these changes, and much more. This webinar will be held in combination with the ATMOsphere 2020 international virtual trade show.

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Heat pumps for residential and commercial use

1st of October 11:00 CEST
Looking for the most efficient heat exchanger technology for your heat pump design? Alfa Laval has decades of experience working with OEM suppliers to find the ideal solution for heat pumps used in residential and commercial applications. Join our team for this webinar to learn more about the different types of technologies that can deliver efficient performance with today’s new low-GWP refrigerants.

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Industrial ammonia heat pumps

22nd of October 11.00 CEST
Duration: 30 minutes

As a refrigerant, ammonia offers a new, cost-efficient way to increase sustainability in heating and cooling. However, the high pressure demands of ammonia/CO2 cascade systems also create new technical challenges. Alfa Laval’s Tommy Ångbäck is one of the foremost authorities on the topic of semi-welded heat exchangers. In this webinar, he’ll cover the new technologies available for ammonia heat pump designs.



Safer tap water

29th of October 11.00 CET
Duration: 30 minutes

Limiting heavy metal contamination in drinking water is critical for public health and, increasingly, required by law in many jurisdictions. Unfortunately, some equipment used in tap and warm water applications today leak traces of nickel and copper into water supplies over time. Hear from Alfa Laval heat exchanger specialist Roman Rathsack about new stainless steel technologies that are helping to solve these challenges.



Efficient heat recovery

Rising energy prices are a major challenge for many industries, and energy efficiency is becoming a crucial success factor. The good news is that most plants have a considerable unexploited potential for energy savings and, as an added bonus, reduced CO2 emissions. Join our team in this webinar to learn about waste heat recovery using modern compact heat exchanger technologies.


Building a sustainable future

In this panel discussion, Alfa Laval specialists and experts from other organizations will take a broader look at the overall trends in heating and cooling. They will review some of the technologies examined in previous seminars in order to paint a more comprehensive picture about where we are heading and what it will take to build a long-term sustainable framework for the future.