BlueBox SA

The Alfa Laval BlueBox SA is a stand-alone tamper-proof oil content monitor (OCM) and data recorder that regulates overboard water discharge. Based on the proven BlueBox technology developed for Alfa Laval PureBilge, it is a stand-alone unit that can be used with any oily water separation solution.

oil content monitor

Peace of mind when discharging overboard

  • Overboard discharge blocked unless PPM and other conditions are met
  • Tampering prevented by locked metal box
  • Logging of overboard discharge and any opening or closing of the box
  • Easy PDF exporting of all key data for presentation to authorities
  • Lower OPEX for the oily water separator in conjunction with clean drain operation
By preventing non-compliant discharge of oily water, the Alfa Laval BlueBox SA eliminates regulatory headaches and protects against high fines. It supports the management of a vessel’s Oil Record Book, and it can be used to monitor clean drain tanks as well as clean water tanks. As a stand-alone OCM solution, the BlueBox SA can be used to upgrade any oily water treatment setup.

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The Alfa Laval BlueBox SA is based on the proven BlueBox monitoring technology developed for the Alfa Laval PureBilge oily water separator. However, it is a stand-alone unit that can be used with any oily water separation solution.

The lockable BlueBox SA box houses monitoring and data recording equipment, as well as an automatic three-way overboard valve. It monitors the oil content and only allows the valve to move into the overboard position under the following conditions:

  • PPM at set level (<15 or <5 ppm)
  • OCM running without alarm
  • BlueBox SA cover closed
  • Sample flow directed through OCM
  • Permission granted by all remote signals governing overboard operations

To prevent tampering, the BlueBox SA automatically switches the valve to recirculation if the door is opened.

The discharge volume and other data values recorded by the BlueBox SA are stored for 18 months and can easily be exported as a PDF for presentation to authorities.


The BlueBox SA can be used for:

  • Clean water tanks (legislated) after the oily water separator, where the water cleanliness must be verified according to MEPC regulations prior to discharge
  • Clean drain tanks (optional) that collect steam condensate, cooling water, etc., in order to avoid sending it for unnecessary processing by the oily water separator if the content is already within PPM limits
  • Upgrading an existing oily water separation system to minimize the risk of non-compliant discharge