Wysokociśnieniowe wymienniki płaszczowo-rurowe OLMI

Alfa Laval Olmi high-pressure shell-and-tube heat exchangers efficiently handle heat transfer under the harshest conditions at refineries, petrochemical and power plants and other facilities worldwide. Superior technology, unmatched quality and materials, and advanced welding enable these heat exchangers to provide unequalled operational reliability.

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Optimizing heat transfer solutions for high-pressure applications

In refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas production facilities, and power stations around the world, Alfa Laval Olmi high-pressure shell-and-tube heat exchangers are used in process-critical positions to safeguard plant productivity.

Versatile and reliable

Whether for applications in corrosive environments, in temperatures ranging from -150°C (-238°F) to more than 300°C (572°F), or in pressure ranges of 0.1 MPa to 30 MPa, these heat exchangers are excellent choices for a broad range of solutions, including use as:

  • Boiler feedwater heaters
  • Feed and effluent exchangers
  • Hydrotreating and hydrocracking
  • Intercoolers in gas and power generation plants
  • Ammonia, urea and melamine plants
  • Off-shore applications

Custom built and built to last

Alfa Laval puts 80 years of experience in delivering high-pressure heat exchangers to the toughest of industries to work for you. Each Alfa Laval Olmi heat exchanger is custom-made and built to last.

A wide range of metal and metal alloys – from plain carbon steel and stainless steel to duplex and superduplex titanium, zirconium, high nickel alloy, copper alloys, and aluminum are available.