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Unikatowe rozwiązania

Alfa Laval finned tube air heat exchangers have a range of unique design features that set them apart on the market.



Alfa Laval finned tube air heat exchangers with VspeedAutomatic fan-speed adjustment for minimal power consumption

The Alfa Laval Vspeed is a magnetically modulated, variable fan drive, which automatically adjusts the speed of the cooling fan according to the cooling requirements and ambient temperature. This saves substantial amounts of energy if compared to traditional air coolers that usually operate according to worst-case conditions at all times.

Vspeed is intended both for fans driven by electric motors and for engine-driven fans. The Vspeed drive is easy to install on existing air-cooled heat exchangers and the only required modifications typically are the drive guard and the drive sheave. Alfa Laval can provide custom sheaves to minimize installation time, and our field service engineers are glad to help with the installation if required.

Apart from reduced liquid fallout and lower energy consumption, Vspeed also reduces maintenance needs. Reduced rotation wear on components such as belts, bearings and shafts increases service intervals with lower costs and higher uptime as a result.

Vspeed on Model A

Vspeed on Model A



Combined wet and dry bulb cooling for minimized water consumption

Wherever water is available, we usually recommend our customers consider a cooling solution based on water cooling, such as our Hybrid air coolers. In regions where water is available but limited and ambient temperatures fluctuate, a HybridCool solution that offers both dry and wet cooling can be a good option.

These systems combine a finned tube air heat exchanger for dry cooling with a Wet Surface Air Cooler for wet cooling, allowing operators to choose operating mode depending on the ambient temperature. During the cooler months of the year, the system can operate in dry mode to save water, and during the hot months wet operation can be engaged to ensure a low outlet temperature.

By combining the two technologies the overall efficiency of the system is high, system size is small, and both power and water consumption are kept to a minimum.

Ivanpah Solar facility

Ivanpah Solar facility



Alfa Laval finned tube air heat exchangers with HyperFinSlitted fin design maximizes heat transfer

Alfa Laval’s HyperFin slitted tube fins increase heat transfer compared to standard API 661 type fins, resulting in reduced size and cost of the cooling system.
The slits on the aluminium fins interrupt the air flowing over the fin surfaces. This prevents the forming of a stagnant layer of air on the fin surfaces, and thereby increases heat transfer. The impact on the pressure drop and required fan horsepower is minimal, keeping operating costs low.

HyperFin detail

Alfa Laval air-cooled heat exchangers with Hyperfin



Qualified support at your facility

There is always a local team of Alfa Laval service engineers standing by to assist you at your facility at short notice. Our network of field technicians, service engineers, Service Centres and logistics hubs make sure you have quick access to qualified help and spare parts at all times, anywhere in the world.

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