Aalborg XS-2V

Ekonomizer Aalborg XS-2V przeznaczony jest do wykorzystania spalin z silników wysokoprężnych do produkcji pary. Kocioł jest dostosowany do przepływu spaliny i temperatury. Aalborg XS-2V posiada własną przestrzeń parową.

Exhaust gas economizer

The economizer is carried out with the smoke tubes welded to the tube plates at both ends, and this robust design can, in emergency cases, withstand running dry.

The Aalborg XS-2V comes with its own steam space and is able to operate independently from the oil-fired boiler/steam drum.

The sizes of the economizers depend on required steam capacity, amount of exhaust gas, temperature, and working pressure.


  • Vertical smoke tube exhaust gas economizer
  • Own steam space or forced circulation
  • Designed to utilize thermal energy in exhaust gases
  • Quick start up
  • Simple and automatic opeation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Standardized components
  • All-welded contructions
  • Integrated silencer as an option
  • Compact and easy to install


Design data

  • Steam capacity: 0.5 - 5 t/h
  • Heat capacity: 0.3 - 4 MW
  • Design pressure:10 bar(g)

Zasada działania

The boiler is supplied complete with manholes, manhole covers, inspection and mudhole doors, supporting brackets and necessary fittings for lifting and supporting. Spare parts and tools are supplied in accordance with the classification societies' requirements.  



The boiler is equipped with flanges for bolting together with inlet and outlet gas ducts. Inlet and outlet gas ducts can be supplied as an option. 

The boiler is built with the tubes welded to the tube plates at both ends and it can, in emergency cases, withstand running dry.