Alfa Laval - LKUV-2 - zawór odpowietrzający

LKUV-2 - zawór odpowietrzający

Zawory upustowe powietrza LKUV-2 są przeznaczone do stosowania, gdy usunięcie powietrza z linii technologicznej bez utraty produktu jest głównym problemem. Zapewniają one solidne bezpieczeństwo, wydajność i niski koszt posiadania dla procesów przetwarzania, gdzie standardy higieny są kluczowe.

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Reliable air relief valve

Alfa Laval LKUV-2 air-relief valves are automatic double-seat valves engineered to relieve excess air in industrial processing lines, thus preventing the negative effects of air entrainment. Vertically installed, LKUV-2 air-relief valves are ideal for use on the top of a pipeline or container or before a pump inlet, where the removal of air is required to maintain design pressure conditions.

Improved processing efficiency

LKUV-2 air-relief valves help improve processing efficiency. By preventing air entrainment, the valves contribute to product integrity, energy efficiency and protection of pipelines and pump stations against the effects of pressure surges and water hammer.

LKUV-2 air-relief valve range

With a sturdy, bright finish stainless steel construction, the standard range of Alfa Laval LKUV-2 air-relief valves is available in various dimensions to meet most requirements. These valves are designed for maximum product pressure of 10 bar and temperatures up to 90°C (194°F).

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Zasada działania


The Alfa Laval LKUV-2 air-relief valve consists of an upper valve body, lower valve body with welding stub, seal ring and polypropylene ball. The valve body is assembled by means of a clamp.

Operating principle

These automatic double-seat air-relief valves have a lightweight, freely moving polypropylene ball that closes against the upper or lower seat, depending on pressure conditions.

When air pressure increases, the ball is forced off its seat, allowing excess air pressure to be vented to the atmosphere. When pressure is equalized, the ball is reseated on the lower valve seat, thus closing the valve.


  • Seal ring in NBR (Buna N) or FPM (SFY)