AS-H Coplastix Flap valve

Alfa Laval AS-H Coplastix® Flap Valves are designed for flow control of waste, potable and storm water, hydro, industrial, and sea water. They are used in any application calling for discharge where the prevention of reverse flow back into the line is necessary.

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Different types of Alfa Laval AS-H Coplastix Flap valves are available:

  • Circular flap valves from 4" – 24" (102 mm – 610 mm) are constructed solely of Coplastix or rubber materials and may be either wall-mounted or pipe-mounted.
  • Rectangular flap valves consist of a Coplastix or rubber door and select steel frame materials.
  • Flexible flap valves employ a specially developed, externally supported rubber compound for the door. Rigid and rubber flap valves are available in many sizes from 24" – 144" (610 mm – 3,658 mm).

Features and benefits

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Gate exercising not required
  • Ten times less friction than metal-to-metal gates
  • Disc and seal design prevents gate seizure
  • Half leakage rates of other conventional gates
  • NSF certified materials
  • Ten year warranty

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About Coplastix

The Coplastix® range was designed to exceed all other gate types in longevity without the regular maintenance or exercising. Coplastix materials are lighter, easier to install and extremely durable.

Transform corroded, inoperable gates into smooth operating, corrosion-resistant gates that help put your fluid control system back in operating condition.