Złącze zaciskowe

Złącza klampowe odgrywają kluczową rolę w zapewnianiu szczelności pomiędzy różnymi rurociągami i elementami stosowanymi w instalacjach filtracji membranowej. Złącza klampowe Alfa Laval spełniają ten wymóg.

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Appropriately designed and manufactured clamp fittings are essential for completely leak-proof sanitary connections between the many differerent types of piping and components used in membrane filtration plants.

Alfa Laval clamp fittings are designed to operate at maximum working pressures of up to 64 bar at 100°C.

All the materials used comply with 3A standards (FDA approved). All parts that come into contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel. The gaskets are made of nitrile and Teflon®.

Alfa Laval clamp fittings currently include:

  • Clamp assembly with hinge
  • Clamp end ferrule, with or without male or female BSP
  • Reduction clamp
  • Reduction clamp end ferrule
  • Blank
  • Clamp end with hose union
  • SMS/DS bend 90

Benefits, auxiliary membrane equipment

  • wide range of special ancillary equipment, fittings and accessories
  • full spectrum available from one single expert source
  • short delivery times and efficient logistics
  • all components dovetailing perfectly
  • all materials in compliance with FDA regulations and suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications

Zasada działania

Spare parts for membrane filtration systems

Clamp fittings are relatively straightforward items of equipment, one of the basic items in any plant or installation. They are fixtures and fittings with no moving parts, and their sole purpose is to hold and connect pipework and equipment used in membrane filtration systems.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that they comply with key international hygiene standards, so that the installation as a whole can be certified as compliant.

More detailed information about Alfa Laval clamp fittings is available by downloading the appropriate documentation.