PureScrub H2O

PureScrub H2O to system w formie modułu służący do oczyszczania wody płuczącej w skruberach Alfa Laval typu „close loop”. Urządzenie jest dostępne również jako samodzielny produkt do stosowania ze skruberami innych producentów.

PureScrub H2O水净化设备

Compact and modular, the PureSOx H2O water cleaning unit is an essential part of Alfa Laval’s PureSOx hybrid or freshwater scrubber. But it is also available as a standalone product for use in wet scrubbers not designed by Alfa Laval. Proven under real-life operating conditions, PureSOx H2O uses centrifugal separation to clean scrubber water in compliance with IMO legislation. The automated unit is easy to operate, and it is available in different sizes to suit a variety of flow rates. All equipment comes installed and tested on a common frame, which is divided into three main blocks to simplify retrofit installations.

  • Reliable reduction of solids content in the wash water – generally to well below the required 25 FTU
  • Measurement, control and logging of Marpol Annex VI wash water criteria:
    • Acidity (pH)
    • Harmful components of oil (PAH)
    • Particulate matter (turbidity)
  • Continuous operation with instant bleed-off and automatic chemical dosing only when necessary
  • Flexible, modular design to meet the requirements of most vessel
  • Competitive operating costs – low maintenance and waste volumes
  • Safe, easy operation with automated control and monitoring
  • Password switch for overboard discharge only by authorized personnel

Equipment (delivered as a unit):

  • SWPX separator with ancillary equipment
  • Scrubber water feed pump
  • Chemical dosing pump with retention tanks
  • Control cabinet

Reliable compliance

PureSOx H2O uses high-speed separation technology, which means continuous and highly reliable operation. It generally reduces the solids content of scrubber water to well below the required 25 FTU – even when subjected to varying engine conditions and rough weather. Dangerous particulate matter is cleaned from the scrubber system, while the waste volumes for disposal are kept to a minimum.

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