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Produkty i rozwiązania Alfa Laval są wykorzystywane we wszystkich gałęziach przemysłu w całym łańcuchu wartości, a my mamy duże doświadczenie w pracy z lokalnymi i międzynarodowymi instalatorami, wykonawcami, producentami systemów, producentami OEM, dystrybutorami i hurtownikami na rynkach komercyjnych i przemysłowych. Dzięki naszej szerokiej bazie wiedzy i szerokiej gamie technologii możemy pomóc Ci znaleźć idealne rozwiązanie, niezależnie od wymagań Twojej operacji.

Alfa Laval’s products and solutions are used across industries throughout the entire value chain, and we have extensive experience working with local and international installers, contractors, system builders, OEMs, distributors and wholesalers in commercial and industrial markets. With our broad base of knowledge and wide range of technology, we can help you to find an ideal solution for whatever your operation demands.

Here you can read about some of the applications and industries we support. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions we can provide to meet your specific needs.

Air conditioning

For air conditioning and chiller applications, Alfa Laval offers a complete range of plate heat exchangers. These are primarily used as evaporators and condensers, and they can be customized according to specific demands. We can also supply units designed as economizers or subcoolers for use with large screw or centrifugal chillers. Thanks to very low pressure drop, our heat exchangers can additionally be used in desuperheater positions.

Heat pumps

If you work with heat pumps, Alfa Laval is able to provide a heat exchanger that is fully optimized to your specific system. This makes it possible to achieve the closest possible temperature approach between the evaporator and condenser and thereby ensure maximum efficiency. Alfa Laval brazed, gasketed and semi-welded heat exchangers are used in countless heat pump systems, where they act as condensers, evaporators in water-to-water and water-to-brine systems, and optionally as economizers.

Residential heating and domestic hot water

Alfa Laval equipment is found in a number of residential heating and domestic hot water applications. In gas boiler systems, for example, our products can be used as secondary heat exchangers or as exhaust gas recuperators. We can also support a variety of duties for solar heating, fresh water heating and district heating as well as mCHP (micro combined heating and power). Regardless of your specific application, we can help you find an ideal solution that’s fully tailored to your needs.


Alfa Laval has taken advantage of our more than 80 years of successful heat transfer knowledge to develop refrigeration solutions that deliver the highest performance and energy efficiency with both simplicity and ease. Our continuous efforts in R&D mean that our products are suitable for use with natural and low-GWP refrigerants, including in complex cascade systems. You can thus depend on our experience and expertise to help you to stay ahead with future proof solutions.

Today, Alfa Laval heat exchangers can be found in commercial refrigeration applications ranging from transport refrigeration, supermarkets and vending machines to cold chain and ice rinks. We also provide optimized solutions for industrial refrigeration applications.

Oil cooling

Alfa Laval offers a complete portfolio of compact oil coolers specially designed to withstand the rigours of the toughest systems. Made from the highest quality materials, they are engineered to provide built-in mechanical strength and rugged reliability within a small footprint. They can therefore provide efficient, high performance for all industrial hydraulic, wind power, lube oil, engine and transmission oil applications.


In the growing area of renewable power, effective cooling and heating is critical for achieving sustainable production, storage or transformation of energy. Whether you work with solar, wind or hydroelectric power, bioenergy or geothermal power, Alfa Laval offers a complete portfolio of technologies that are specially designed to increase overall efficiency. We collaborate with you to find a perfect solution for your needs that can enable more sustainable material and energy consumption.

Process cooling or heating

Alfa Laval’s wide range of plate heat exchangers offers an equally wide range of benefits for industrial duties. The manufacturing technology used for our brazed models, for example, eliminates the need for seals and thick frame plates. We also have developed patented features that ensure excellent resistance to fatigue in a number of process heating and cooling applications.

These are some of the reasons why Alfa Laval is today the global market leader in heat exchangers for industrial thermal solutions. Our heat exchangers can be found performing diverse duties in areas such as fuel cells, CHP (combined heat and power), air driers, air compressors, plastic injection cooling, semiconductor cooling, test chamber temperature control, steam systems, power converters and much more.

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