Reaching new heights in performance

Varso Place in Warsaw, Poland. Measuring an astonishing 310 metres high, upon completion in 2022, it will be the tallest building in the EU. To cater for all the buildings’ HVAC needs, Alfa Laval provided 30 highly efficient heat exchangers. These will generate energy savings reducing the buildings CO2 emissions and minimizing its ecological footprint as well as a powerful performance and endurance.

DATE 2023-11-28

Efficient heat exchangers for energy savings and powerful performance

Varso Place is a unique mixed-use project in the centre of Warsaw. The prestigious development comprises two lower buildings - Varso 1 and Varso 2 designed by HRA Architekci - along with the 310-metre-high tower designed by Foster + Partners. When completed it will consist of 144,000 m2 total gross leasable area, including offices, a hotel, restaurants, ground floor retail and a direct link to Warsaw Central railway station.

Sustainable development

During the construction of the buildings, environmental protection as well as comfort and health of its visitors and employees have been important factors for the constructing firm HB Reavis. This led to receiving an ’Outstanding’ grade award under the international BREEAM certification scheme for meeting the highest standards in sustainable development. All main elements of Varso Place were analyzed for their environmental impact and to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the operation of the building.

A focus on energy reduction and flexible service

An area specially recognized was the energy and water saving solutions including energy-efficient air conditioning, heating and lighting systems. The solutions selected are expected to reduce energy consumption by almost 23% according to HB Reavis. Alfa Laval was chosen as the supplier of heat exchangers for the buildings due to its strong brand position and wide portfolio of gasketed and brazed heat exchangers.

Another important reason why the contractor chose Alfa Laval Poland was because of its ability to meet all the requirements within both operating parameters, as well as dimensions and weight. The availability of a contact person that could assist when changes were required was essential. This proved to be vital, since multiple amendments have been made during the buildings’ construction. buildings’ construction. The alterations were not only related to exchanger power, temperature and pressure but also the concept itself.

Providing quick access to service and support is of outmost value in these complicated projects and Alfa Laval provides a close and excellent service with a technical department located nearby.

Gasketed plate heat exchanger

A sustainable solution with increased efficiency

Alfa Laval supplied 30 pieces of both gasketed and brazed heat exchangers, which will be used in the buildings’ heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Thanks to the efficiency of the heat exchangers, they will reduce heat loss, water and electricity consumption, as Krystyna Libich-Gajda, HVAC heat exchange expert at Alfa Laval Poland, explains:

“We decided to install exchangers from our newest T-series portfolio because of all the unique benefits of the range. Asymmetric channels, in combination with special port and plate design deliver a few extra degrees on the secondary side, which contributes to maximized efficiency. In a nutshell, the benefits for the end-user are lower heating costs and C02 emissions”

The design office decided to use AHRI performance certified and performance guaranteed heat exchangers in several critical systems to ensure security in the tallest building — Varso Tower. This decision was influenced by the complexity of the project and the high prestige and uniqueness of Varso Place. Using AHRI performance certified plate heat exchangers lowers energy consumption and reduces lifetime operating costs significantly by assuring a more energy-efficient system and performance in accordance with the product’s specifications.

A broad scope for great opportunities

The scope of supply included Alfa Laval’s technical know-how, installation, service and support, as well as a broad range of Alfa Laval equipment:

  • 4 x T20
  • 9 x TL10, M15 and M10
  • 8 x AQ4 and AQ6
  • 9 x CB400 and CB200

All heat exchangers were equipped with insulation for both heating and cooling.

The installation of high-efficiency heat exchangers in Varso Place’s cooling and heating systems creates great opportunities for reducing energy bills and CO2 emissions, without compromizing performance and product quality. And in addition to minimizing the negative impact on the environment, modern Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers will reduce operating costs and increase efficiency for our customer.


Why Alfa laval?

  • Alfa Laval is a market leader guaranteeing quality
  • The speed of reaction to changes and full availability of the Alfa Laval representative
  • Quick access to service, which is located in Łódź
  • A wide portfolio of gasketed and brazed heat exchangers
  • The ability to meet all the requirements regarding operating parameters, as well as dimensions and weight
  • Possibility to supply heat exchangers with insulation