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Urządzenia do procesów higienicznych Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval brochures with hygienic equipmentZnajdź informacje na temat rozwiązań Alfa Laval dla przemysłu spożywczego i biotechnologicznego.

Wymienniki ciepła 


Filtracja membranowa  

Wyposażenie zbiorników 

Armatura kwasoodporna 

Zawory i automatyka 

Food logic

Alfa Laval's hygienic equipment combines high performance with gentle handling to preserve sensitive ingredients.

Food logic - essential for future foods

Food logic 

Grow your business

Growing our businesses together - Alfa Laval channel partner programmeEvery one of our channel partners is important to us. They are a core part of how we do business, helping us achieve a global presence in the marketplace. That’s why we are dedicated to helping each of our channel partners grow.

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Driving business together

As a channel partner, Alfa Laval can support your marketing activities with everything from promotional giveaways to complete campaigns.

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At the heart of dairy

Alfa Laval's comprehensive range of innovative hygienic equipment are key building blocks in dairy processes.

Optimize dairy processes
At the heart of dairy 

Alfa Laval Anytime, our eBusiness

Being an Alfa Laval channel partner, you can get access to Alfa Laval Anytime, our eBusiness. Find, customize and order your Alfa Laval products with just a few simple clicks, 24/7. Giving you freedom, simplicity and competitive power.

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Przejdź do strony z animacjami 

Portal CAD

Pobierz modele produktów w różnych formatach plików CAD. Możesz również pobrać pliki PDF w 3D.

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Spare parts catalogue

"Close at hand" spare parts catalogue

See Alfa Laval's global "Close at hand" spare parts catalogue for hygienic equipment, containing service kits, spare parts and part numbers for ordering purposes.

 New features include: Anytime integration; switching between catalogues; copy-pasting item numbers; help and feedback features; and pdf download option for offline use.

See spare parts catalogue (English)

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Artykuły techniczne

A more complete mix

When it comes to optimizing tank processes, Alfa Laval’s portfolio delivers a full range of possibilities.

Tank optimization

Hygienic food processing

New challenges are constantly emerging with increased expectations to deliver, safe, hygienic and tasty foods. Innovative Alfa Laval equipment helps optimize production.

Optimize your food process

360° Service and maintenance