Produkcja metanolu

Niezawodność, wydajność energetyczna i jakość produktu są najważniejsze w każdym zakładzie produkującym metanol. Alfa Laval posiada szerokie doświadczenie w dzieleniu się wiedzą oraz dostarczaniu urządzeń i usług sprawiających, że procesy przebiegają bezawaryjnie, a właściciele zakładów są spokojni.

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Optimizing methanol production in base chemicals manufacturing

In methanol production, quenching the process gas flowing from the furnaces at very high temperatures is critical. Alfa Laval OLMI process gas waste heat boilers (WHB) and process gas coolers (PGC) are specifically designed with this process in mind.


During methanol synthesis, the highly compact and efficient Alfa Laval Packinox feed/effluent heat exchanger can be positioned before the reactor to raise the temperature of feed gas withheat recovered from the reactor effluent. Compared to a traditional shell-and-tube unit, Packinox not only offers capital savings on installation costs, such as foundations and piping, but also reduces operating costs, energy use and maintenance costs.


With their compact size and unrivalled heat transfer capabilities, Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangers are an excellent choice for condensation, reboiling and heat recovery duties in the distillation section as well as in any amine sections in the plant. Our gasketed plate heat exchangers also make excellent product coolers.


Alfa Laval also has a broad product portfolio for the utility sections of the plant, such as waste water treatment facilities, as well as high-speed separators for lube oil cleaning.