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The benefits of working with Alfa Laval


Why Alfa Laval

With more than 80 years of experience in heat transfer innovation, Alfa Laval knows what it takes to deliver high-performance solutions for any application. Our experts continuously strive to find new ways of making your equipment more reliable, more efficient, and simpler to operate and maintain. That’s why you can depend on solutions  that are ready for today’s challenges as well as the demands of tomorrow. 

But the equipment is just the beginning. When you choose Alfa Laval, you are choosing a committed partner who will be available to you every step of the way. Thanks to our global support network, we can assist with any technical challenge, anywhere in the world. From sales to delivery, commissioning to service and spare parts, the expertise and support that you need is always at your fingertips.

ur experts continuously strive to find new ways of making your equipment more reliable, more efficient, and simpler to operate and maintain

Brazed and fusion-bonded plate heat exchangers

Everything you need to meet your challenges today – and tomorrow

These are some of the many unique benefits you can expect when you choose to partner with Alfa Laval.

阿法拉伐CB系列钎焊板式换热器 CB series brazed plate heat exchanger


Unparalleled strength for demanding duties

Our innovative plate designs support the widest range of high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Units can run using thinner plates and fewer plates, which translates to less raw material, lower energy consumption, reduced refrigerant charge and a longer equipment lifecycle.


Total support – with value-adding options to fit your needs

Get access to a wide range of tools as well as Alfa Laval’s application and product experts. ValuePlus support includes all documentation, approvals and certifications in addition to an ever-expanding range of accessories. Thanks to Alfa Laval’s prototyping and testing expertise as well as our large-scale manufacturing capabilities, you can always expect fast delivery, and full compliance with any regulations.


A future-proof investment for tomorrow’s refrigerants 

As an innovative driver in the development of solutions for natural refrigerants, Alfa Laval brings years of experience working with products that enable the use of new-generation and low-GWP refrigerants to help you meet sustainability goals and any legislative requirements.


Superior thermal performance

Alfa Laval’s patented asymmetrical plate design is one of many unique innovations that gives you improved thermal efficiency thanks to optimized pressure drop and increased turbulence. In addition to cutting energy consumption, that means reducing refrigerant volumes and raw materials.


Flexible refrigerant distribution

This breakthrough production method lets you fully tailor the placement, size and number of inlets to fit your specific application, ensuring the optimal refrigerant distribution system for your products. The result is higher efficiency with the flexibility to use low-GWP refrigerants.


100% stainless steel

Built with 100% stainless steel, AlfaNova® is a solution that Alfa Laval offers for applications that use media not compatible with traditional heat exchanger materials. Not only is this advanced design optimized for use with natural refrigerants, it’s also completely recyclable.


Controlled, non-destructive freezing

For applications that require it, we can supply plate heat exchangers designed to allow ice crystals to form under certain operating conditions, but displaced from sensitive areas. This ensures both reliable performance and a long product life.

Gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers

Groundbreaking heating and cooling innovations

Years of research and testing have resulted in the world’s most modern plate heat exchangers for heating and cooling applications. Packed full of features unique to Alfa Laval, these designs provide improved efficiency, reliability and serviceability.

阿法拉伐AlfaQ板式换热器 AlfaQ plate heat exchanger


Improved flow, minimized fouling

The CurveFlow™ distribution area optimizes the flow of media for better utilization of the whole plate surface. Improving the flow with more even distribution eliminates dead spots, providing higher thermal efficiency with reduced risk of fouling. This in turn means energy savings, lower maintenance costs and less time worrying about unplanned stops.


Perfect seal and trouble-free maintenance

ClipGrip™ gaskets offers superior fastening to the plate, with gaskets that are also easier to mount. The unique design prevents snaking of plates at closing and the tangling of new gasket sets. Maintenance goes faster, plates and gaskets last longer, and you save money as a result.

Five-point alignmentFive-point alignment

Perfect positioning for total reliability

This system ensures perfect plate alignment when closing the unit, while simultaneously making it quick and easy to remove plates during maintenance. Excellent plate positioning secures reliable mechanical performance and helps extend the life of your equipment.


Enhanced thermal efficiency

Alfa Laval’s noncircular inlet and outlet offers two ways to save on energy: both higher thermal efficiency and reduced pump costs. That’s because it enhances the flow of media to give increased throughput, lower pressure drop and optimal utilization of the plate surface.

Offset gasket groovesOffset gasket grooves

Maximum heat transfer

A gasket groove in a special zigzag pattern offers the greatest possible heat transfer area. Better utilization of the whole plate reduces the number of plates required for optimal performance and ensures maximum thermal efficiency for still greater energy savings.

T-bar rollerT-bar roller

Lower height and easier service

A patented carrying bar design protects the roller from falling dust and debris, preventing jamming and minimizing the potential for damage to the frame. It further ensures lower unit height and easier opening and closing for service.


The longest possible plate lifetime

Our optimized plate pattern divider ensures a more rigid plate, preventing plate elongation and securing perfect alignment. The result is a more robust and durable plate, which further provides more efficient heat transfer.

Bearing BoxesBearing Boxes

Smoother, safer, simpler maintenance

Many of our large and medium plate heat exchangers employ tightening bolts with bearing boxes to reduce friction when opening and closing the unit. This makes it possible for one person to easily and safely service the heat exchanger without the need for special tools.

Wyszukiwarka produktów

Wyszukiwarka produktów Alfa Laval to szybki i łatwy sposób na znalezienie wymiennika dostosowanego do potrzeb procesu. Zawarte tam dane kontaktowe do lokalnych dystrybutorów Alfa Laval pozwalają na sprawne przesłanie zapytania ofertowego.


Kompedium wiedzy w zakresie ogrzewania i chłodzenia

Dzięki zdobytemu przez dziesięciolecia doświadczeniu w wymianie ciepła, Alfa Laval oferuje kompetentne rozwiązania na dzisiejsze wyzwania związane z ogrzewaniem i chłodzeniem. Odkryj odpowiedzi na złożone pytania dotyczące zagadnień, począwszy od wydajności energetycznej po naturalne czynniki chłodnicze, a także korzystaj z narzędzi, które ułatwiają znalezienie odpowiedniej technologii dla twojego zastosowania.

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